Screw metal caps for wines, spirits and soda

We offer quality screw caps for winemakers and other producers of alcoholic beverages. Screw cap allows easy opening of the bottle and the possibility to keep content after casting part of it (gastro). Thanks to their qualities wine screw caps are spread mainly in Austria, where they reached up to 70 % of wine market.

Screw caps

Screw caps Screw caps Screw caps

Visually elegant, precise, reliable, stable, practically usable wine cap.

Easy to open and close. It gives your wine new expression without compromising quality of your wine for further three years.

For wine
Cap 30×60 mm, sealing SARANEX
Package 1.100 pcs
For spirits
Cap 25×17 mm, 28×15,4 mm, sealing SARANEX
Package 5–6.000 pcs
For soda
Pressure screw caps, eg. 28×15,4 mm



World´s innovation of German quality rewarded at the fair SIME Milano and INTERVITIS Vienna. The cap is characterized by excellent sealing properties and fine sensory neutrality.

  • size 30×60 mm and 30×24 mm
  • we offer a piece unique in the world – BIO version