Grapevine seedlings and planting

We offer seedlings from the best suppliers whom we have cooperated for 20 years. We deliver paraffin wax covered seedlings in plastic bags which prevent them from drying. The bags are then in cardboard cartons.

Sales of seedlings

Sales of seedlings Sales of seedlings Sales of seedlings

We sell grapevine seedlings, in the range of plant varieties, registered in the State Variety Book of the Czech Republic. Washer is used as material from the southern regions of Europe, where higher solar intensity and therefore better curing and fashioning can be found. The winners of national and regional wine exhibitions in the Czech Republic buy seedlings from us!

We also provide

  • planting seedlings of grapevine


Planting Planting Planting

The company carries out planting of these seedlings by own brand WAGNER modern machines that are able to apply the seedlings into the soil carefully and accurately. Planting machine WAGNER CHAMPION BALANCE is controlled by a laser and is pulled by a tractor JCB Fastrack brand.

  • seedlings in the row spacing from 70 cm
  • drill spacing from 200 cm


  • rapid operational planting
  • high taking on well prepared lands
  • longer roots increase taking
  • pressure wheels strengthen ground which reinforces the higher capillarity of water to the roots
  • just before planting mark the beginning and end of the line, the first line is enough to set out approx. about after 50