Sales of natural and synthetic corks

We are the exclusive representative of the Austrian company Korken Schiesser Wien, a subsidiary of the world´s largest cap producer Amorim. This connection allows to utilize the most advanced technologies used in production of cork caps.

Cork caps are available in various sizes and colours. The producer offers affordable quality corks.

Natural corks

Zátka Acquamark®

Acquamark cap
excellent cap with water-based coat
Natural caps Classico
natural caps in various price categories in adequate quality and for the required application
1+1 caps TwinTop
connection with the prestige of natural cork with pressed cork
Pressed corks Ultra
well sorted cork granules in conjunction with food binder
Clean pressed cork Neutrocork
high-quality cork granulate treated with superheated steam
Pure pressed cork Advantec
innovative cork from Amorim company
Sparkling wine cap Spark
high quality materials for long lying sparkling wine guarantee

Synthetic corks Synthetic corks Synthetic corks Analýza RR

Synthetic corks Synthetic corks Synthetic corks

Synthetic cork caps Syncor

We offer exclusive top class German cork caps Syncor ®. It is the world's best sealing cap for long-term archiving. Winner of German minimal leakage tests in SO2 and CO2.

Accessible test results, but also review in German and Austrian journals (eg. Winzer). Dimensions 38×22 mm, 42×22 mm.